IT is constantly evolving and it is challenging to keep your employees’ knowledge up-to-date. But new trends in IT, especially artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI and ML) can also bring new opportunities to your business. Our researchers have long-term experience teaching computer science, software engineering and AI in internationally accredited courses at universities.

Doctoral studies

By studying for a PhD at KInIT, you will become an expert in a selected field of artificial intelligence under the guidance of top scientists and work on applicable topics supported by industry. You will be able to apply your knowledge in your career in the industrial or academic world.

No innovation has ever been made without curiosity and without people applying their passion.

“Curiosity has been driving people for thousands of years. The same curiosity drives us, and we know that the same curiosity drives you. Curiosity is what unites us all. Let’s transform curiosity together into cutting-edge research.”

Mária Bieliková

KInIT Founder


Enhance knowledge and skills of your team with tailored courses on selected AI topics on different levels – from AI fundamentals to advanced topics and hands-on training. Our training topics include:

  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing and large language models
  • Deep neural networks
  • Time series analysis and forecasting
  • Ethics in AI
  • AI regulations

For more information about our training possibilities, please contact us at partnership (at) or learn more about AI courses provided via project Hopero.

KInIT supports and partners AI courses

KInIT is a partner for AI initiatives of Grow with Google Slovakia

The aim of the Grow with Google program is to help companies and individuals to acquire digital and technological skills for the growth of their business, finding a new job or for their career development. One of our key topics in 2021 is artificial intelligence and machine learning. The program offers tools, trainings and AI courses for beginners. We are a proud partner of Grow with Google in Slovakia because we recognize the importance of education of public and businesses in the area of AI.

KInIT supports Lifbee Academy

Lifbee Academy is offering 8 months long program to talented and motivated individuals with a background in science, IT, marketing, and design.

You will receive the educational quality in the fields of biotechnology, marketing, design, project management and business. We connect theory with practice. After completing the semester’s lectures, you will work with your team on developing your own product.

The program enables interdisciplinary collaboration between university students, recent university graduates or young professionals.

KInIT supports Elements of AI

The Slovak version of the Elements of AI course is being launched these days. It is free online course created by Reaktor and the University of Helsinki with the aim to demystify artificial intelligence. Elements of AI is intended for everyone who is interested in what artificial intelligence is, what can and can’t do. The course combine theory with practical exercises and participants can complete it at their own pace. We support this activity lead by Slovak Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics Comenius University in Bratislava.

European Digital Innovation Hub

The aim of the Hopero project is to support the digital transformation of Slovak companies and their people by sharing knowledge, improving access to funds and adopting artificial intelligence. KInIT provides training and digital skills improving services for the Hopero customers. Our Hopero workshops focus on value-based design of AI systems and demonstrate how organizations can address ethical concerns raised by digital technologies through expert ethical assessments.

IT Education for Women

Mini Tech MBA offers exclusive educational programs in information technology crafted for women. Their programs equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of IT, enhance their digital skills, and cultivate meaningful professional networks. We developed a specialized course for Mini Tech MBA that delves into the realm of AI, clarifying fundamental AI concepts, ethical considerations, and practical applications to streamline professional responsibilities.

“We all have been using artificial intelligence for quite some time – even in products like Google Photos or Translate mostly without realizing it. However, we often do not consider wide opportunities where and how it can be further implemented in our everyday life. Therefore, I am glad that in cooperation with KInIT, we will help Slovak businesses and individuals use artificial intelligence to their advantage.”

Rasťo Kulich
Country manager Google Slovakia


KInIT provides consulting services for addressing a variety of challenges by leveraging AI methods and advanced intelligent technologies. Our competence is in machine learning, deep neural networks, intelligent data analysis, explainable and trustworthy AI with focus on following domains:

Web and User Data Processing

We offer expertise in innovative processing of user activity data for web services personalization, customer experience improvement and protection against disinformation and malicious behavior.

View our R&D industry projects.

Natural Language Processing

We focus on open problems related to text classification, information extraction, sentiment analysis, text generation (including chatbots training) and speech processing, with emphasis on English and Slovak languages. We offer expertise based on the latest advances in the field, such as large language models and transfer learning. 

View our R&D industry projects.

Green Environment

We address the challenges related to green energy transition, such as forecasting energy consumption and production of renewable sources, energy management optimization and modeling various environmental phenomena.

View our R&D industry projects.

Ethics and Human Values in Technology

Our emphasis is on trustworthy and responsible AI. We bring expertise in how to avoid negative impacts of technologies by assessing and minimizing ethical risks and alignment with ethical values and AI regulations.

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We inspire young people to think innovatively

The BrAIn association nurtures talented young people in AI. Our vision is to help students to fulfill their potential as we believe that talented, committed and inventive people will contribute to the brighter future of Slovakia.

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“Our non-profit organization LEAF promotes the development of people in key values such as character, excellence, entrepreneurship and commitment. We believe that KinIT is an organization that attracts and educates such people in the field of artificial intelligence and digital innovation, including for companies and public administration. That is why we consider KinIT to be an important partner for working together to build a community of people who want to further improve our society.”

Branislav Kleskeň